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Our Solar System
Enter the number from the column to the left into the text box next to the appropriate word in the right-hand column.
1. a band of asteroids between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter Saturn
2. the star at the center of our solar system; the source for the energy which made and which continues to make life on Earth possible Mercury
3. the fourth planet from the sun; the second smallest planet in the solar system Pluto
4. Earth's natural satellite; its gravitational pull on large bodies of water as it passes overhead causes the tides Earth
5. the seventh planet from the sun; it has the coldest atmosphere of any of the planets Mars
6. the fifth planet from the sun; the largest planet in our solar system Neptune
7. a region that lies beyond the planets and which contains several dwarf planets (including Pluto) and a multitude of smaller objects that are in orbit around the sun The Moon
8. the sixth planet from the sun; second largest planet, and famous for the large rings of debris which orbit around it The Sun
9. once classified as the ninth planet from the sun, but now considered to be one of several dwarf planets Kuiper Belt
10. the eighth planet from the sun; orbits our star once every 164 Earth years Uranus
11. the third planet from the sun; home to many strange and wondrous forms of life Asteroid Belt
12. the second planet from the sun; nearly the size of Earth Jupiter
13. the closest planet to the sun; currently classified as the smallest planet in our solar system Venus

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