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About Friend of Learning

I started this website to help me with homeschooling my daughters, Sasha and Samantha.

I was working full-time, and we did most of our homeschooling in the evening. Unfortunately, my mother developed Alzheimer's disease, and it reached a stage at which she was no longer comfortable being in her own home at night. The living room of our apartment became her bedroom. This affected our home education.

I knew I needed help. I also knew that the growing pile of worksheets was only going to get bigger. After I finished writing a novel called Sasha and Samantha Save the World (which wasn't my day job), I decided to write the program that we needed to help with the homeschooling.

I wanted two things out of the program: to be able to add assignments which my daughters could log in and see while I was at work, and for the program to generate worksheets online. I wanted my daughters to be able to click on a link to a worksheet, then the worksheet would be automatically generated, and after my daughters had finished the worksheet, I wanted the computer to grade the worksheet, store it online, and send me an email with the result.

The early versions of this website were that program. I kept adding features, including the autoscheduler that would save me time by assigning the next lesson automatically after one had been marked complete.

My daughters are grown now, and the homeschooling is years behind us, but I've added some more features and content. Perhaps this program will help someone else as much or more than it helped me. If it also makes some money and becomes a profitable business, well, I wouldn't mind that at all. There are a lot more features and content that I'd like to be able to add if I had the time and the resources.

    —Mark James Wooding

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