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Major Events in U.S. History - Part 3
Enter the number from the column to the left into the text box next to the appropriate word in the right-hand column.
1. U.S.-led coalition liberated Kuwait 2011
2. World War II ended. 1991
3. Civil rights act passed which prohibited discrimination based on race or ethnic group in public accommodations or in voter registration 1941
4. 9-11 terrorist attacks; Afghanistan War began 1945
5. Major U.S. combat in Vietnam began 1973
6. Major fighting in the Korean War ended. 1965
7. World War II began. 1939
8. U.S. withdrew troops from Iraq 2001
9. The Korean War began. 1953
10. Iraq War began 1950
11. U.S. combat in Vietnam ended 2003
12. Japan attacked Pearl Harbor, Hawaii; leading to U.S. entry into World War II. 1964

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