Major Events in U.S. History - Part 2
Enter the number from the column to the left into the text box next to the appropriate word in the right-hand column.

1. The New York stock market crashed, beginning a long economic downturn known as the Great Depression. 1920
2. World War I began. 1898
3. U.S. soldiers massacred Native Americans at Wounded Knee Creek in South Dakota. 1929
4. The American Civil War began. 1914
5. The Social Security Act was passed. 1890
6. World War I ended. 1933
7. The U.S. purchased Alaska from Russia. 1935
8. Prohibition ended (the sale and transport of alcohol was again declared to be legal). 1918
9. The Constitution was amended to guarantee women the right to vote; Prohibition began (the sale and transport of alcohol was made illegal). 1913
10. The American Civil War ended; the Constitution was amended to prohibit slavery; the Reconstruction Era began. 1877
11. The Reconstruction Era ended. 1865
12. The Constitution was amended to permit taxing income from any source, and to allow the popular election of Senators; the Federal Reserve Act was passed. 1917
13. The U.S. entered World War I. 1867
14. The Spanish-American War began and ended; the U.S. annexed Hawaii. 1861

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