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1. the study of reasoning taxonomy
2. something considered to be true, but which has not been proven scientific methods
3. an explanation for a set of facts theory
4. something that someone else states to be true, but which you yourself don't know to be true fact
5. something known by evidence or by logic to be true rhetoric
6. the study and practice of persuasion belief
7. gather data, then arrive at conclusions based on that data; create a hypothesis, then test that hypothesis credibility
8. the willingness to consider new ideas logic
9. an educated guess, the truth of which is usually intended to be tested open-mindedness
10. the study and technique of classification epistemology
11. the amount of trust a person places in a source of hearsay skepticism
12. the unwillingness to automatically accept that something is true hypothesis
13. the study of how we know what we know hearsay

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